Vascular Dementia - CBD (Cannabidiol) Health Benefits

Vascular Dementia & CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) helps vascular dementia cognitively and bodily…

To understand how Cannabidiol (CBD) effects vascular dementia it's important to understand what vascular dementia actually is. Vascular dementia is usually caused by poor blood supply to the brain and leads to cognitive decline in patients over a period of time in small increments. However this form of dementia can, in some case, be halted and other cases actually reversed.

Symptoms of Vascular Dementia:

The most common cognitive symptoms in the early stages of vascular dementia are:

Problems with planning or organising, making decisions or solving problems
Difficulties following a series of steps (eg cooking a meal)
Slower speed of thought
Problems concentrating, including short periods of sudden confusion.

A person in the early stages of vascular dementia may also have difficulties with:

Memory - problems recalling recent events (often mild)
Language - eg speech may become less fluent
Visuospatial skills - problems perceiving objects in three dimensions.

How does CBD (Cannabidiol) help with vascular dementia…

As a neurodegenerative disease vascular dementia (VaD) affects mainly aged persons, one of the main causes of VaD is chronic cerebral hypoperfusion and recent research suggest that the CB2 receptor in the brain may provide benefits to CCH. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to interact with these CB2 receptors. CB2 receptors are found on cells in the immune system and are one of the two types of receptor sites within the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for regulating an array of bodily processes and functions, including mood, sleep, pain sensation and immune system function.

One of the aspects of VaD is cell and neuronal damage which can lead to impaired cognitive abilities. One of the main benefits from using Cannabidiol (CBD) is that it helps to limit damage to healthy cells as well offering neuroprotection (preservation of neuronal structure and function).

“...there is some interesting evidence at laboratory level that certain components of cannabis may be able to target the underlying processes behind dementia…” Alzheimer's Society.

CBD and vascular dementia induced anxiety…

One of the symptoms of early/mid vascular dementia is anxiety and heightened mental activity such as becoming obsessed with looking for personal items. Sometimes people suffering from vascular dementia may find it hard to sit still due to mental activity and anxiety, they may also suffer from poor sleep due to the same problem. Research and studies ( show that CBD can help relieve this anxiety and aid restful sleep allowing the VaD patient more energy and motivation and a calmer mind.

Watch video of doctor talking about the benefits of CBD and dementia: